Mac Whitney Sculptures Grace Midtown

On Tuesday, June 5th, Gallery Sonja Roesch celebrated the installation of the latest Mac Whitney sculpture and Whitney was present for the festivities. This massive, glistening, red sculptural piece stands 20 feet tall and is a reminder that art is certainly alive in Midtown.

Latest Mac Whitney Sculpture at Gallery Sonja Roesch

Today, while at Gallery Sonja Roesch, not only did you have the pleasure of meeting this artistic visionary but also, you were being able to sit at the table and enjoy a meal with Whitney. It was truly a rare opportunity to get up close and personal with this artist who has been showing work for more than 40 years in top museums and galleries throughout US and abroad.

Sonja Roesch & Mac Whitney

If you weren’t able to make it by today…well, you missed out. But that doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy these incredible works of contemporary art. Come out and see art history in the making at Gallery Sonja Roesch (2309 Caroline). Don’t be shy, actually get out of your car and pose for a photo of you and your friends with the sculptures (you know you want to).

A little about the man … Whitney relocated to Texas in 1969 and began his artistic career. In 1979, he was awarded a commission by the City of Houston to build a large-scale sculpture funded by grants by the National Endowment for the Arts and the Department of Urban Development. The 50 foot tall sculpture can be seen at Stude Park. Currently, Whitney lives and works in Ovilla, TX.

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